Choosing the right Builder

There are many builders in the market place and it can be difficult to make a decision on who to select to build or remodel your home. The home is probably the largest single investment that people make in their lives. I it is important when selecting a builder to look at several factors. The biggest mistake people make when looking for a builder is not to ask for references. Most reputable builders will have a list of customers who you can contact to ask about their experience with the contractor. Look at the list of references and select a couple to contact. Ask them if they would select this builder to construct their home again and what their experience has been with builder's warranty service after completion of the home. Builders who do not, or cannot provide you with this type of information may not be good choices.

Check Their Work

Ask to visit some of the builder's projects under construction and tour them to see how they look to you. Choose sites in various stages of completion, if possible, to get an overall picture of their projects. Concentrate on their appearance. Are the job site clean and orderly or is their a lot of debri or unused materials lying around the site. Talk to their subcontractors on site and ask them about the builder.

Quality Program

Ask about the builder's Quality Program. A Quality Program should include standards for each phase of construction. This should be provided as a booklet that each customer should have at the time the contract is signed, which outlines what the customer can expect in the construction of their home. Review these documents during the bid process and ask questions.

Remember, "You get what you pay for."

Do not look at price alone when selecting a builder. Building a home is an expensive proposition. It is tempting to find the lowest cost. It is good planning to select several builders and compare costs. Be sure everyone bidding the project is using the same plan and specifications, in order to make comparison fair and equal. Be wary of a builder whose bid for the project comes in far lower than their competition. These builders my be cutting corners, using substandard materials, or paying lower labor rates, using inexperienced trades to construct your home.

Make sure you are comfortable with the builder.

Finally, make sure you can get alone with the builder. It does not help clients to work with even the most experienced and professional builder if they do not feel comfortable with them. Building a home takes a long time and requires a lot of communication and organization to be successful. Look for a builder who listens to your questions and answers them completely and promptly.