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Choosing the right Builder:

There are so many Builders to choose from. How can I tell the difference between a quality Builder, who is worth the money and an amateur charging the market price?

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Philosophy of Building a Home

Sommers Construction believes that it is possible to take the stress out of home building. The best way that clients can reduce the amount of stress involved in building a new home is to work with a contractor who very clearly spells out all the steps in the process and provide clients with a written timeline. This schedule of construction spells out when a home's foundation will be poured, when the electrical work will be done, when the plumbing will be installed, when of everything will be completed and ready for occupancy. Sommers provides each client with a written schedule at the time the contract is signed. The schedule also provides the customer with target dates for selection of the various items which the client needs to choose for their home.

Feedback key to Success

Communication during the building process is also important to Sommers Construction. Many clients like to use e-mail as a way of asking questions of the contractor. This process reduces the time spent on the phone. Additionally, e-mail provides both the customer and the contractor with written record of the communication to refer to later if needed.

Frequent Visits Encouraged

Sommers Construction encourages the frequent visits to the job site to see first hand the progress on their home. Many times clients may notice small changes they may want in their home, or issues they did not expect, when visiting the job site. If changes can be made early, the cost of changes can be reduced or eliminated all together as well as improve the progress of construction.

Follow-up Service

Finally, follow-up service after the home is completed is key in the overall satisfaction with the home. Sommers Construction responds to all major service issues promptly. The various subcontractor that work with Sommers are responsible to provide warranty service on all equipment and workmanship issues. Our goal is to have a response to the problem within 24 hrs and resolution of routine problems within 48-72 hours. Additionally, a one year post construction visit will be made, at a time selected by the customer to address, minor drywall/paint issues and well as any other adjustment that need to be made.

When you choose Sommers Construction to build your home you can count on responsive communication before, during and after the completion of your home.